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The Library was primarily created for research carried out by the officials of the Superintendence in charge of conservation in the Liguria region but it is also open to the public (for study and historical research). It has approximately 12,000 volumes, some of which are antique, and around 150 sets of periodicals, mostly relating to the Architectural and Landscape Heritage of Liguria, along with more general publications such as Art History (monographs of artists, exhibition catalogues) and information on other regions. The Library also houses: The D’Andrade Foundation, a collection of letters and original drawings for many of the restoration projects carried out by the great architect and archaeologist Alfredo D’Andrade, and what remains of the Durazzo library: a few important volumes saved when the collection was dispersed by Girolamo Luigi Durazzo’s heirs after 1809.
Work is currently in progress to create an on-line catalogue, which will be integrated into the SBN (National Library Service) system.

Public lending is not permitted.

Open Monday to Friday 09.00-13.00