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The educational activities of the Palazzo Reale museum (the guided visits and workshops) are aimed at offering students the opportunity to learn more about history and art through direct contact with the works on display. Our goal is to stimulate young people’s powers of observation and deduction, allowing them to develop their own methods of interpretation. Through engaging with the museum itself rather than simply ‘submitting’ to it they can try out and practise their skills of observation and interpretation.
By taking this approach we hope to overcome those feelings of intimidation or boredom which can prevent the full enjoyment of a work of art, and bridge the gap between the interests and visual world of the new generation and our historic and artistic heritage. We want to abolish once and for all the idea that a visit to the museum is a waste of time with no relevance to the school curriculum.

Staff and procedure
Educational visits are carried out by specialized museum staff in collaboration with restorers from the Superintendence for Architectural and Landscape Heritage of Liguria; for school groups (maximum 25) entry to the museum and guided visits are free.
The date and time of the visit and the itinerary are agreed when making the appointment..

Suggested activities
Workshops are available for:
infant schools
primary schools
middle schools
secondary schools

Contact: Simone Frangioni, Francesca Zucchelli