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Adonis, Clytia, Venus, Hyacinth


Filippo Parodi (Genoa, 1630–1702)
Adonis (image)

white marble and gilding,1690s
The Gallery of Mirrors

The four sculptures belong to the celebrated series based on Ovid’s Metamorphoses that has adorned the Gallery of Mirrors since the 18th century. Having studied the work of Bernini in Rome, Filippo Parodi, the greatest Genoese sculptor of the 17th century, transposed into marble some of these mythological tales of young men and nymphs transformed by the gods into natural elements, including Adonis, turned into an anemone by Aphrodite, and Clytia, turned into a sunflower by Apollo.

  • Filippo Parodi
  • anni novanta del XVII secolo
  • marmo bianco e dorature
  • Galleria degli Specchi