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Charles Felix of Sardinia


Andrea Galassi (Sassari, 1793 – Rome, 1846)
Charles Felix of Sardinia
white marble,1826
The Gallery of The Chapel

The work is a portrait of the monarch of the House of Savoy who purchased the palace from the Durazzo family in 1824 and transformed it into the Genoese residence of the Turinese court. The bust and the pendant portraying his wife Maria Cristina of Naples and Sicily are official works produced in accordance with the canons of the time. Charles Felix is shown in dress uniform with the noblest insignia of House of Savoy, including the Order of the Golden Fleece, the Collar of the Most Holy Annunciation and the Cross of the Order of Sts Maurice and Lazarus.

  • Andrea Galassi
  • marmo bianco, 1826
  • marmo bianco
  • Galleria della Cappella