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Infant Satyr Eating Grapes


Angelo de Rossi (Genoa, 1671 – Rome, 1715)
Infant Satyr Eating Grapes
white marble,1680s
The Room of Time

The Infant Satyr of Palazzo Reale is probably the only work left in Genoa by the sculptor Angelo de Rossi, a pupil of Filippo Parodi, who moved to Rome in 1689. Here the artist addresses the classic Baroque subject of an infant satyr eagerly eating a bunch of grapes. The influence of Bernini reflected in the work’s evocative naturalism diminished after the Genoese sculptor moved to Rome and came into contact with the more classical style of the French artists active there at in the late 17th century.

  • Angelo de Rossi
  • anni ottanta del XVII secolo
  • marmo bianco
  • Salotto del Tempo