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Jacob’s Journey


Giovanni Benedict Castiglione, known as Grechetto (Genoa, 1609 – Mantua, 1664)
Jacob’s Journey
oil on canvas,1640-50
The Room of Time

This is probably one of the six paintings by Grechetto that Giovanni Luca Durazzo bought at the very beginning of 1659 at a public auction of the property of the senator Giovanni Battista Raggi, a victim of the plague two years earlier. Raggi may have been its first owner and perhaps even commissioned the work, as his collection included a large number of paintings by the artist. In 1679, twenty years after purchasing the set of six, Giovanni Luca Durazzo died and left part of his immense art collection to his younger brother Eugenio, who had just bought the palace. It was decided, perhaps immediately, that the paintings were to hang in the Room of Time, one of most prestigious on the second floor in terms of position and furnishing.

  • Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione, detto il Grechetto
  • 1640-1650
  • olio su tela
  • Salotto del Tempo