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Pot-pourri vase


Pot-pourri vase
polychromatic majolica, Savona, late 18th century
The Queen’s Bath Chamber

The vase, which is signed beneath the base, is the work of Giacomo Boselli (Savona 1744–1808), the best-known and the last of the old Savona school that reached its peak of development shortly after 1650 with the blue ceramics of the Guidobono family. A leading figure on the cultural and artistic scene in the Liguria region in the second half of 18th the century, Boselli was a daring innovator in the field of ceramics with the production of objects of extraordinary quality for the homes of the Genoese nobility based on highly sophisticated models from France and especially Marseilles.

  • fine del XVIII secolo
  • maiolica policroma
  • Bagno della Regina