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Quatrefoil chest of drawers


Genoese manufacture
Quatrefoil chest of drawers
wood inlaid with rosewood and kingwood,1760s
The Queen’s Bed Chamber

This piece of furniture, based on the French Louis XV model, is a sophisticated example of the quatrefoil chest of drawers, a typical product of Genoese cabinet-making, where precious types of wood were used in the 18th century to embellish such items with inlaid decorations using the heart or quatrefoil motif. The high degree of craftsmanship is evident above all in the sinuous development of the sides and in the perfection of the inlaid work to create a sophisticated pictorial effect.

  • Ambito genovese
  • anni sessanta del XVIII secolo
  • legno lastronato in palissandro, bois de rose e bois de violet
  • Camera da Letto della Regina