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Set of four console tables with mirrors


Genoese manufacture
Set of four console tables with mirrors
carved and gilded wood, onyx tops,1740s–1750s
The Veronese Room

The en suite furniture created for the Veronese Room is one of the most illustrious examples not just of Genoese rococo but of 18th-century Italian decorative art as a whole. The French models deeply absorbed by the local craftsmen were developed with the profusion of roses, foliage and rinceaux climbing over the mirrors in the pergola style typical of the Genoese decorative culture. An exceptional degree of overall compositional harmony is thus obtained, especially between the four wall tables, the tall mirrors and the room’s sculpted decoration. The precious onyx tops of the console tables were probably bought by the Durazzo family on the Roman antique market.

  • Ambito genovese
  • metà XVIII secolo
  • legno intagliato e dorato, ripiani lastronati in onice
  • Sala del Veronese