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Stuccowork on the ceiling and walls


Stuccoists from Canton Ticino (?)
Stuccowork on the ceiling and walls
The Blue Room

The ceiling and walls are adorned with gilded polychromatic reliefs that simulate blossoming branches and foliage inhabited by small birds against a light blue-grey background. The plant motif reappears above the slender cornice and in the carvings of doors and overdoors. The bright, lively colours range from the light beige-green, turquoise green and dark green of the leaves to the pink and crimson of most of the mottled petals and the intense azure and deep blue of some of the flowers, all standing out against the light blue-grey of the background. The style closely resembles that of the stuccowork produced in Genoa and the Liguria region by craftsmen from the valleys of Italian Switzerland near Lake Como. In accordance with the Rococo fashion, the themes of the three overdoors reappear in a sitting room of the Ladies’ Apartment on the first mezzanine floor, where the plastic decoration is executed with extraordinary technique and refinement.

  • Stuccatori del Canton Ticino
  • 1750-1760
  • Salottino Azzurro