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Stuccowork on the ceiling, detail


Stuccoists from Canton Ticino
Stuccowork on the ceiling, detail
,c. 1734
The Throne Room

As in the principal rooms of the central section of the building, the stucco decoration here appears to be the work of craftsmen from the valleys near Lake Como, including the singular series in high relief of eight male and female satyrs crowned with vine leaves of gilded stucco hanging over their shoulders and back. The outer edge of the central panel is decorated with festoons of vines with bunches of grapes and draped skins marked in the middle with bucrania from which a panoply with musical instruments hangs. It appears possible on stylistic grounds to assign the decoration of the Throne Room a date around 1734 to coincide with the wedding of Marcellino Durazzo and his cousin Maria Maddalena. The design may have been by the family’s trusted artist Domenico Parodi.

  • Stuccatori del Canton Ticino
  • 1734 circa
  • Sala del Trono