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Stuccowork on the ceiling


Stuccoists from Canton Ticino (?) to a design by Domenico Parodi (?)
Stuccowork on the ceiling
,c. 1734

Niccolò Stefano Traverso (?)
Stuccowork on the walls
,c. 1788
The Room of Battles

The decoration of the ceiling follows a geometric design comparable to that of the other major rooms in the palace but is richer in motifs, especially of the plant variety. Both the vocabulary and the technique of execution can be compared with works by the numerous families of stuccoists from Italian Switzerland active for generations in Genoa, like the Cantoni of Cabbio in the Muggio Valley near Lake Como, who were probably responsible for most of the stucco decorations of the Durazzo residence. The work on the ceiling must date from around to 1734 and form part of the decoration that also involved the three main rooms on the first floor, probably to designs by the family’s trusted artist Domenico Parodi. The Neoclassical stuccowork on the walls, dated between 1780 and 1788, serves to frame the two large paintings on the north and south walls and the four above the doors. These are tentatively attributed to Niccolò Stefano Traverso, a master at the Accademia Ligustica, who enjoyed the support of Marcellino Durazzo in his role as its director.

  • Stuccatori del Canton Ticino
  • 1734 circa
  • Sala delle Battaglie