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Stuccowork on the walls


Francesco Maria Cantone
Stuccowork on the walls
,1755-1765 (?)
The Veronese Room

The decoration was executed by craftsmen from Italian Switzerland to a design similar to the one in the Throne Room and tentatively attributed to Domenico Parodi. It motifs, such as the central tuft surmounted by an element that takes up the wavy surface of a shell, display similarities with the decoration in the Room of Battles. As regards chronology, the ceiling of the Veronese Room should also date the mid-1730s and was again probably part of the refurbishment ordered by Gerolamo Ignazio Durazzo for the wedding of his daughter Maria Maddalena to her cousin Marcellino in 1734. This is, however, a hypothesis largely based observations of a stylistic character and hence subject to revision, as no documentary evidence has emerged so far.

  • Francesco Maria Cantone
  • 1755-1765 (?)
  • Sala del Veronese