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The Finding of Moses


Giovanni Francesco Romanelli, known as Viterbese (?) (Viterbo 1610 – 1662)
The Parting of the Red Sea
The Finding of Moses (image)
The Blessing of Jacob

watercolour on silk,1630-60
The Room of Peace

The three paintings on silk, once owned by the Durazzo family, constitute an important set partially distinguished from the rest of the paintings in the Genoese palace. They were produced with the technique of “succhi d’erba”, a mixture of mineral and vegetable pigments diluted in a gum-like medium and applied by brush on a support of grosgrain silk. The works are therefore included in the category of paintings even though they imitate the magnificence of tapestry and adopt its compositional layout. The first and second reproduce two of the four episodes frescoed in the vaulted ceiling of the eighth Vatican loggia, executed in 1518 and attributed to Giulio Romano, and the third one of the four scenes in the fifth loggia, dated 1517–18 and attributed to the Spanish artist Pedro Manchusa.

  • Giovanni Francesco Romanelli, detto il Viterbese (?)
  • acquerello su seta, 1630-1660
  • acquarello su seta
  • Salotto della Pace