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The Samian Sibyl


Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, known as Guercino (Cento, Ferrara, 1591 – Bologna, 1666)
The Samian Sibyl
oil on canvas,1652-53
The Bed Chamber of The Duke of Genoa

Attributed to Guercino unanimously by the historical inventories and critics, this is one of the very popular series of sibyls painted by the artist during his career. The Genoese Sibyl is from the Gabaldoni Collection, purchased by Charles Felix of Sardinia in 1821, when the royal family resided in the Palazzo Ducale, and subsequently moved to the palaceon Via Balbi. The evocative painting clearly displays the use of light for purposes of volume and chromatic balance, while the gentle brushwork creates precious effects in the silken volumes of opaque luminosity typical of the artist.

  • Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, detto il Guercino
  • 1652-1653
  • olio su tela
  • Camera da Letto del Duca di Genova