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The Wedding of Zephyr and Flora


Jacopo Antonio Boni (Bologna, 1688-1766)
Ceiling – The Wedding of Zephyr and Flora; Scenes with figures and putti

North wall – Putti with Garland

Tommaso Aldrovandini (Bologna, 1653-1736)
Ceiling, walls – Illusionistic ceiling painting
The Room of Aurora or Flora

The decoration painted by Aldrovandini on the walls includes pairs of columns with Ionic capitals wreathed in laurel leaves and resting on a faux plinth that runs all the way round the room. The walls bear large panels framed at the top with mouldings and male herms, the latter partly impaired by subsequent repainting. The ceiling is instead illusionistically transformed into a dome with apertures in the corners and the centre, where we see a spectacular oculus complete with balustrade. Boni used this as the setting for the scene today identified by critics as the Wedding of Zephyr and Flora. The choice of this nuptial theme may have had some connection with actual events and indeed, according to one suggestion, have coincided with a Durazzo family wedding.

  • Jacopo Antonio Boni
  • 1720-1725
  • affresco
  • Salotto dell'Aurora o di Flora